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Chanan Kennedy

   Thanks for stopping by to find out a little more about me and my background.  As a self-taught Creative Director, Graphic Designer, and High-End Retoucher with 10+ years of experience, I pride myself on having a keen eye for detail. I’m passionate about brands, and possess the know-how to make yours grow. Since 2008, I’ve been lucky to work with a variety of clients, and I’ve learned something new from every single one of them. In addition to my work, I make an effort to stay relevant in my field by regularly attending conferences and seminars, and that’s how I’m able to make sure my clients get the best results in a constantly evolving digital world. My aesthetic consist of a balanced mix of crisp clean visuals with a creative flair. Although I thrive in a team environment. I am no stranger to self-management when required.  I believe that having an undergraduate degree in Psychology, allows me to connect with clients and other creatives in a way that promotes a collective effort, team environment, and project success.

   As Editor in Chief of an award-winning national publication, I oversaw creative direction for published editorials, on-film productions, and written publication content. During this time, I developed and led teams that were diverse in background and levels of experience. My graphic design and image retouching background has allowed me to communicate more effectively with art directors and photography teams from a technical aspect.  My design work has been published nationally thru major retail distributors, album artwork distributed internationally, book covers distributed thru Amazon, and multiple corporate campaigns and merchandising.

   I am a seasoned Adobe Creative Suite and Final Cut X user, and my digital portfolio includes exciting cinemagraphs | plotographs | animated branding | 3D product rendering | high-end image retouching | video production and editing.  Feedback received from previous clients, projects, or employers are that my ability to bring together a cohesive, concise visuals is above average. My main priority on any project is finding a productive way to elicit not only positive, but emotional response for that brand's target audience. The end goal of every project is to create visuals that result in the desired call to action from potential clients/customers determined by the campaign intiatives.

I am looking for an opportunity that allows me to work with a creative and dynamic teams who are committed to developing fresh content with a modern approach. Feel free to check out some of my work below. 

CNK Resume

Creative Direction & Retouching Portfolio

Digital Portfolio

Animated Social Media

Graphic Design Portfolio

Brand Development/ Logo Design


Video Production and Editing

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