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Entertainment: Tami Roman and Lil' Mama For Kontrol Magazine

Recently our studio had the opportunity to work with the cast of TV One's " When Love Kills" for a Kontrol magazine cover shoot. The movie was just getting ready to be released, and the cast was doing a press tour. Off the subject a little, the movie was actually pretty good (I'm always a little skeptical of network/made for TV movies). Anyway, the movie featured Tami Roman, Lance Gross, Lil Mama, and was directed by Tasha Smith. The entire team had a great time on set, because Tami constantly kept us laughing. If you guys keep up with her IG series, "Bonnet Chronicles", then you know exactly what Im talking about. Her personality was bubbly and very down to earth. The exact opposite of what you might think from watching her on VH1's Basketball Wives. Basketball Wives had me thinking she may be a little Hollywood, but to my surprise, she was nowhere near that, and we really enjoyed working her. Through out the course of the day, I had the chance to chop it up with Lance during down time. With him being a photographer himself, we discussed our personal styles and it was cool to see, and hear that he has more a journalistic style when he shoots. So he's a story teller, which makes complete sense since he was actor first. The day was pretty chaotic, because of the number of people in the studio, so our team didn't really get an opportunity to connect with Lil Mama. She was also the last to shoot, and you know at the end of day, people a ready to keep it moving.. lol Since there was not a lot of personal exchanges with her, only thing that keeps coming to mind when I think of her is the time she infamously jump on the stage with Jay-Z at one of the awards show (which I still find pretty funny to this day :-). Despite not really having personal connection to Lil Mama, she did make for some great images. With that said check out what our team along with Kontrol Magazine came up with. See more of these images in our fashion portfolio.

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