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Entertainment: WWE Superstar" Trinity Fatu for Sheen Magazine

This shoot was shot at "Atlanta Kick" in Buckhead for "Sheen Magazine's springtime issue. Make sure you grab a copy at your nearest "Barnes and Noble" next time your out. Let me start this off by saying that working with Trinity was everything! She was so nice and easy going, to the point that you forget that she's a big star in the WWE. Nine times out of ten when you work with celebrities as cool as she was, you get great work out of it and thats just what we did. Trinity took direction well and naturally got into her own flow. This was one of my favorite shots from the shoot. She pulled herself up and held it while I took the shots. As I was shooting I was laughing to myself, thinking how I probably couldn't pull myself up on those handles one time... ok maybe one time, lol! The shoot turned out great tho! Everyone was laughing and having fun, and next thing you know we were done. That's what I would call a ideal shoot. One where there's great energy and everything just flows together. #WhosNext

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